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Police officer throwing a molotov cocktail?

Police officer throwing a molotov cocktail?

On 09.03.2021 at about 17:00 Greek time, crowds gathered at the square of Nea Smyrni. During the events that followed the end of the demonstration, and at an adjacent location, audio-visual material captured an individual next to officers of the DRASI squad of the Hellenic Police, throwing an incendiary device towards the protesters.


The audio-visual material was shared through social media. However, its initial resolution did not allow for further analysis and to safely draw conclusions.


On 11.03.2021, the same audio-visual material in high-quality form was given to Disinfaux Collective by the eyewitness himself, G.V., a local resident. In the early hours of March 12, 2021, the regional TV station “KONTRA Channel,” in collaboration with Disinfaux Collective, presented a portion of the video in question. The eyewitness himself attested on record what he saw and heard on the night of the 9th of March.


This report contains 2 parts: part 1 presents our analysis regarding the audio-visual material that was contributed by the eyewitness; while in part 2 we analyse how we have potentially located additional material that the Hellenic Police has in its possession. Furthermore, we analyse and pose questions on how and why the material that was recorded by the Hellenic Police’s aerial assets, was published either by themselves or by external actors.


This report was drafted by the initiative of the researchers of Disinfaux Collective, is published in collaboration with Reporters United and has been shared with relevant actors and organisations.

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